Banks & Payment Processors

Attract Millennials By Being A United Way Worldwide/RU4GOOD Participant Today! 

Millennials want to support organizations and businesses that support good works and help the world be a better place.  With RU4GOOD you engage Millennials and their everyday life as they pay bills and make purchases.



And Increase Revenue While Helping Communities You Serve

Payment Processors can increase revenue by creating a new source of funds for worthy causes across America and Canada - When individuals pay bills online they'll have an option to round up their payment - or even add-a-buck - for donation to a selection of community projects and local causes.


How is revenue increased?

An additional ACH/Merchant transaction is created for donations distributed to the United Way Worldwide (UWW) merchant account. 


Do banks incur additional fees for the donation transaction?

 No.   Fees are paid by UWW.


How does this work?

Vendor or payment processor adds the suggested donation form (or their own) to their checkout page (EXAMPLES BELOW).

The customers zip code determines the charities & projects that appear on the payment page and are pulled from a United Way Worldwide (UWW) database.


Is the users personal information shared with UWW?

No.  If a donation is made, the only data transmitted to UWW is the customers zip code, donation amount, and cause selected. No other personal data is collected.


Who manages donations?

UWW VETS, COLLECTS, and DISTRIBUTES donations to approved local charities at the community level. (This is a big deal with the Patriot Act making all businesses responsible for thwarting money laundering.)


Does UWW keep any of the donation?

UWW charges a fee of $0.05 on donation transactions of $0.14 or greater.


What type of charities are on the site?

Charities are intended to be distinctly local. The concept is to engage communities to help themselves whether the need is to support local the Arts, build a new bike path or help victims of recent tragedy in their communities.


How are charities selected for the site?

  • On-line Payment Processors and Shopping sites may list their own supported causes.
  • United Way affiliates around the country will provide community projects.
  • Up to three projects/causes that are specific to a given area/zip code will appear on donation form and can change from month to month.
  • Anyone wishing to be listed must contact their local UW affiliate.
  • UW affiliate projects must be approved by United Way Worldwide.


What will site users think?

The donation form was designed with the user experience in mind.

  • No extra step required if no donation intended.
  • User knows it's optional.
  • Designed by user experience specialists Pixel Media, Portsmouth, NH.


You Can Help

In order to make an enormous impact on raising funds for local charities, RU4GOOD needs to become part of everyday life when paying bills or purchasing products online. Banks, payment processors and shopping sites can help make this happen by adding the RU4GOOD functionality to their websites.

Donation Form Examples